Want to start a club?
1. Need 3 others that are interested
2. Need 1 person in charge
3. Email: so we can go over expectations and add to our list

Want to be a club leader? Email:



Archery – Stephen Doan



Biking – Toby Littau  turbotll1972@gmail.combiking



Cards – Randy Silva  randy_silva@hotmail.comcards



Cooking – Bevon Drummond  budrummond@gmail.comcooking



Crafts – Renie Sebald  renie.sebald@gmail.comcraft



Hiking – Megan Wiley  meg.m.wiley@gmail.comhiking



Movie – Cary Smith  cary.coloradosprings@gmail.commovies



Fishing – Needs a club leaderfishing



Book – Needs a club leaderbooks